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GROW Series

The GROW series of Personal Ministries resources is currently under development. We are aiming to publish a total of five new resources by mid-2020. These resources will aid local churches in developing active ministries in the five phases of disciple-making: Prepare (Health and Community Outreach Handbook), Plant (Literature and Media Ministries Guide), Cultivate (Bible Study Handbook), Harvest (Fundamentals of Faith), and Preserve (Discipleship Handbook).

Discipleship Handbook

The first resource to be published in the GROW Series is the Discipleship Handbook. This is your local church discipleship ministry … IN A BOOK!

GROW Videos and Training Guides

Making Disciples 101

This series of 12 short training videos with companion study guides provides an overview of the disciple-making process for individuals and local churches.

Other GROW Resources

Grow Your Church

This PowerPoint presentation will help you share the GROW model of making disciples with your church.

GROW Description and Ministry Goals

This GROW Tools & Tips gives an overview of the GROW model with practical keys to establishing essential ministries in every phase of evangelism.

Evangelism FAQ

This GROW Tools & Tips answers common questions about evangelism and clarifies many misconceptions.

Leave the Back Door Open

This GROW Feature Article by Elder Jim Howard focuses on the power of discipleship rather than merely retaining members.

Other Personal Ministries Resources

Total Member Involvement

This book presents simple, practical ways for each member to enlist as workers for God.

Total Member Involvement Presentations

These PowerPoint presentations follow the book Total Member Involvement chapter by chapter.

Adventist Community Services

This booklet presents the purpose God has designed for us to have in our communities.

Health Evangelism

This booklet presents benefits and methods of health outreach to our communities.

Motivating Members to Witness

This booklet looks into reasons and ways for witnessing to be from the heart.

Methods of Door-to-Door Visitation

This booklet looks at Christ’s example and explains various types of door-to-door visitation.

Personal Witnessing

This booklet shares ways to meet people and how to have our influence be a good witness.

Giving Personal Bible Studies

This booklet shares practical methods and tips for Bible studies with others.

Church-Based Bible School

This booklet gives the understanding of and the steps to establish a church-based Bible school.

Public Evangelism

This booklet describes how to plan, conduct, and follow up public evangelistic meetings.

Gaining Decisions for Christ & His Truth

This booklet shares principles for gaining true decisions for Christ and how to answer objections.

Reclaiming the Missing

This booklet provides guidelines for visiting missing members and ideas for reconnecting with them.