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Spread the Word

PLANT the seed of God's word


Spread the Word will inspire and prepare you to witness for Christ like never before.

This book will help you to discover:

  • Spiritual power for witnessing
  • The role of character in witnessing
  • The importance of sowing the Word bountifully
  • How to initiate spiritual conversations
  • How to share your testimony
  • The power of spiritual invitations
  • Why and how to share literature and media
  • How to visit spiritual interests
  • Why and how to visit the homes in your community

Local pastors and church leaders will learn:

  • How to run an active literature ministry in your local church
  • How to utilize technology and media for ministry
  • How to motivate and organize your local church for house-to-house ministry

In addition to personal use, Spread the Word is ideal for small groups or training seminars to inspire, equip, and mobilize your local church!

Book Resources

These are the companion resources referenced in Spread the Word.

Prayer and Invitation Interest List (p. 70)

Praying For You card

Literature Rack Resource List (p. 103)

Sample Literature Display Images (p. 104)

Street Record Sheet (p. 178)

Sample Door-to-Door Surveys (p. 181, 183)

Community Need Survey

Community Health Survey

Community Current News Survey

Community Religious Survey—short

Community Religious Survey—long

Prophecy Survey

Sample Territory Map Images (p. 201)