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Discipleship Handbook

PRESERVE the harvest with discipleship

Discipleship ministry … IN A BOOK!

1) Give one Discipleship Handbook to a mentor and one to a newly baptized member

2) The mentor and new member meet weekly to read and discuss a new chapter from the Discipleship Handbook

3) Mentors follow the activities in the one-page weekly outlines to integrate new members into the church and build spiritual habits of prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and mission

The Discipleship Handbook can also be used for personal study, small groups, Sabbath Schools, prayer meetings, preaching series, and more!

Here’s what’s inside

  • 26 chapters covering discipleship, devotional life, personal witnessing, church life, Christian lifestyle, and the cycle of evangelism
  • Daily correlated Bible and Spirit of Prophecy reading plan
  • 26 one-page weekly meeting outlines for mentors to disciple new members