Churchwide Community Ministries—The soil of the heart must be prepared with friendship and service


Active Literature and Media Ministry—The seed of the Word must be planted with truth-filled literature, media, testimonies, and invitations to Bible studies


Vibrant Bible Study Ministry—Spiritual interest must be cultivated with ongoing Bible studies


Regular Public Evangelism—Decisions to follow Christ and His Word must be harvested with personal and public appeals


Systematic Discipleship Ministry—The harvest must be preserved with ongoing and systematic discipleship of new members


The GROW Initiative

GROW Your Church

is an evangelistic strategy based on the agricultural soul-winning model taught by Jesus.

It trains and equips local churches to include active ministries in each essential phase of the disciple-making process. Here at the GROW website, you can learn about the GROW strategy, find practical ministry resources, watch and download GROW videos and training guides, and create your own logo or banner graphic customized for your church or organization. Check back often for the latest updates!